We are a family-run business based in Bali and London.

We feature  artwork, jewellery and decor handmade on the island of Bali by talented artisans.

We  bring you charming gifts for friends and family at reasonable prices. 

Along with everything you see in our catalogue, we welcome bespoke orders, new products and wholesale enquiries… drop us a line through our contact page here:

Contact The Bali Shop

In our dealings with carvers and artisans, we do our best to follow the principles of fair trade laid out by the World Fair Trade Organisation on the website: http://wfto.com/fair-trade/10-principles-fair-trade.

We prefer small, new and yet-to-be-successful crafters over established big workshops and factories. We take the time and make the investment to train and educate crafters to increase quality and efficiency. We aim to treat our suppliers as partners and go forward together.

Our orders are made on a cash basis. 50% deposit at the start of the order, the balance at the finish. Quality control criteria are set in advance. Colour pictures are provided with clear notes and instructions written in Bahasa Indonesia and carefully clarified at the start of production. Every effort is made to accept orders with as few rejects as possible. We don’t apply punitive fines for late work or shortages of quantity. We never cancel orders after production has started. We always pay promptly upon completion.

Everyone is entitled to make a profit. We pay a fair price and always look to a supplier and product’s viability and sustainability. We have a clear understanding of material costs along with labour.

No child labor or forced labor. We don’t exploit and don’t work with exploiters.

No discrimination. No ‘-ism’. Mutual respect, good humor and kindness.

Be safe. We won’t work with makers who don’t observe health and safety practices.

It’s not just about the price. We believe everyone should choose products and suppliers based on Fair Trade rather than pure pricing.

We do all we can to respect the environment — we only want to work with ethically sourced, local materials. We try to minimise our footprint. We use recycled or easily biodegradable materials for packing to the extent possible, and goods are dispatched by sea wherever possible.

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