Recycled Molten Glass Terrarium on Gamal Wood Base

These beautiful and unique bowls are handcrafted and hand blown in Bali by skilled artisan wood and glass crafters. Each set is unique. The bases are made from natural, sustainable gamal wood and the bowls are hand blown glass reclaimed and recycled mostly from bottles. This is an ethically sourced and produced item.

Gamal Wood and Molten Glass Terrarium and Other Uses

We use this particular type of glass on gamal wood base as terrariums for our succulents. This particular bowl is quite wide mouthed and shallow compared with some styles we’ve seen. We find this the best type for displaying and taking care of our mini cactus. For our terrariums, the bowls do not have holes at the base, so we build up water absorption and filtration levels with sand and gravel before adding earth and media.

You can use them as unique displays for plants and cacti, potpourri, floating candles and dining table centre pieces.

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Crafting of Our Gamal Wood & Recycled Glass Terrarium

The glass and root are made by different crafters. First, the wood crafter based in Tegallalang, North of Ubud, selects interesting, stable cuts of gamal wood. The gamal pieces are cut for visual appeal and stability and then left to dry in the sun. Once dry, the roots are sent to the glass blowers. Glass blowers cover the roots with metal foil to protect them and then hand blow the glass and then press the molten glass over the root while still hot. The glass then cools and hardens to a perfect fit.

Materials of Our Gamal Wood & Recycled Glass Terrarium

Recycled / Reclaimed Glass Bowl — 100% Recycled Glass taken from bottles and scrap glass. Bowls are not dishwasher or microwave safe and abrasive cleaning materials should not be used. A small degree of pitting and bubbling is common. Photographs are indicative of quality, style, colour and finish. In other words they do look like the photos but are not exactly like the photos as each piece is unique.
Gamal Wood Base (Gliricidia sepium). Gamal has been used to provide shade for plantation crops such as coffee, live fencing, fodder, firewood, green manure and intercropping. Gamal tolerates being cut back to crop height, and can even be cut right back to root (coppiced), every year. When the trees are cut back, they enter a temporary dormant state during which their root systems do not compete for nutrients needed by the crops, so the crops can reestablish themselves.

Gamal Wood & Recycled Glass Terrarium Dimensions

Bowls measure around 20cm (8 inches) at their widest point and around 10cm (4 inches) at their tallest point.

Gamal Wood bases measure between 25 and 30cm (10-12 inches) length, up to 10cm (4 inches) at their highest point and 20cm (8 inches) at their widest.Overall height is around 18cm or 7 inches.

How to Order The Gamal Wood & Recycled Glass Terrarium

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If you’re outside of the UK mainland, please contact us directly for a delivery quote.

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