Our next container is scheduled for loading beginning of July and will arrive in the UK approximately six weeks later.

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Shipping cost will be £475 per cubic metre, landed in Felixstowe. Note this rate is much higher than it has been in the past as shipping rates have been severely hit by COVID & Brexit. We hope rates will begin to return to normal at some point in 2022.

The charge includes all fees on the Indonesian side, customs clearance in the UK, VAT, duties and all import fees on handicrafts and furniture.

Note that certain items like jewellery or clothing or shell items or items carved from bone may require additional certification, fumigation or additional duties.  Please check with us if you are not sure.

Also note that only standard packing material (cardboard boxes, carton roll, shredded paper, standard labels) are included. Wood crates, frames, custom labels, custom boxes are all charged separately.

Very large and / or heavy items like stone bath tubs, buddha statues, etc., may require us hiring a forklift truck — this will be charged at a daily rate — to be advised prior to loading.

If you’re unsure about any of these fees, please drop us a line with details of your shipment and we’ll prepare a quote for you.

Rate does not include postage / trucking from our UK warehouse to your address in the UK.

How easy is it?

  • We pick up your items from your supplier, hotel or villa and bring them to our warehouse in Bali.
  • We pack everything up.
  • We label everything correctly for import / export documentation.
  • We advise you the final total volume / size of your shipment and confirm the price and shipping schedule.
  • We load your order in our next outbound container and then contact you as soon as our shipment has reached Felixstowe and we’ve cleared customs.

That’s all included in the price.

How safe is it?

Indonesia Export has been shipping items out of Bali since 1995 and have established a reputation for professionalism, integrity and efficiency.

Our experienced, full time staff are expert packers and quality controllers and your shipping charge includes insurance in the event of any unexpected damage or loss to your goods.

Your transactions are handled in the UK through our UK office giving you the full protection of British Consumer Law. Payments by PayPal give you another layer of protection over standard bank to bank payments or international wire transfers.

Shipping in our container means your goods are handled only by our staff between our warehouse in Bali and the receiving warehouse in the UK — everything is under control. Almost any other kind of shipment including air freight, less than container load sea freight and even courier shipping means multiple strangers; usually daily workers, handling your shipment in all sorts of conditions.


logisticsIf you have orders from other suppliers here in Bali or are planning to purchase or order items from your own suppliers, we also offer these services at  very, very reasonable rates:

  • Supplier Audit — Visit prospective suppliers and give you a full report on production capacity, worker conditions, safety. Everything you need to know.
  • Order Management & Quality Assurance — Visit your suppliers and make sure your order is progressing as planned.
  • Quality Control — Full, intensive or Spot Checks before shipping.
  • Pickups from anywhere in Bali.
  • Packing — Wholesale, simple packing or individually boxed as per your requirements.
  • Product Photography.