Wholesale & Trade Enquiries

The Bali Shop Welcomes Wholesale & Trade Enquiries

After twenty years, we have established a close working relationship with hundreds of crafters, artisans & artists throughout Bali and Indonesia.

We offer qualified wholesale and trade buyers a 30% Trade Discount from our online catalogue.

Bespoke Custom Products Handmade in Bali

We can customise or personalise products for you and can adapt existing products to your taste or help you develop your own products from the ground up: from initial sketches and drafts through to first samples and production runs.

We produce bespoke orders in Bali. Production time on most orders will vary between 1 and 3 weeks. Transit time from Bali to the UK is usually around 4 weeks.

Sourcing Products in Bali

We can find products in Bali for you — we’ll do the legwork, you only need to send us a reference image along with any notes.

Shipping from Bali

Your products will be shipped safely and cost-effectively inside one of The Bali Shop’s regular containers from Bali and then onto you from our warehouse in Swindon.

Get Started with The Bali Shop

Easy payments via PayPal or to our UK bank account.

Low minimum order of £100.

Simply fill out this form to get started.

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